Systems Engineering
& Architecture

Blue Clarity’s engineering and architecture solutions and effective management services enhance customer capabilities while providing a sustainable, high performance Information Technology environment.

We implement a multidisciplinary approach, meeting stakeholders’ needs with a balanced system solution. Our consultants address complex, technologically challenging problems with processes that establish top-level goals, specify system requirements, synthesize and evaluate alternative designs, allocate requirements, integrate components into existing systems and verify system requirements are satisfied.

Blue Clarity implements a multidisciplinary Systems Engineering and Architecture approach transforming stakeholders needs into a balanced system solution. Our Engineering and Architecture process constitute a key practice addressing complex and often technologically challenging problems which includes activities to establish top-level goals, specify system requirements, synthesize and evaluate alternative designs, allocate requirements to and integrate components, and verify system requirements are satisfied. It also includes essential planning and control processes needed to manage these technical efforts.

Engineering Capabilities

Blue Clarity Systems Engineering processes produce architecture diagrams that show relationships between different components. When created for systems that include hardware and software these diagrams represent the detailed interaction between those components. Our processes support all of the major domain types common in systems engineering, Static, Dynamic, Temporal and Environmental domains.

  • Mission Analysis
  • CONOPS Development
  • Requirements Development
  • Assess Technical Maturity
  • Technical Design Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Stakeholder Needs Analysis
  • System Trade Studies
  • Risk Management
  • Project Planning
  • Assess Technical Performance
  • Systems Integration and Test
  • DoD Architecture Framework
  • Analysis of Alternatives
  • Engineering Management
  • Architecture Development
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Verification and Validation

Architecture Capabilities

Blue Clarity Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) follow industry standards such as ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010 Systems and Software Engineering – Architecture Description (ISO 2011) which provides a description of architectures that considers stakeholder concerns, architecture viewpoints, views, models, descriptions and architecting throughout the life cycle. The architectural components and set of relationships between these components provide a model describing hardware, software, documentation, facilities and manual procedures and roles played by organizations or people.

Algorithms Support:

  • Logical Architecture
  • Modular Design
  • Push Technology
  • Smart Endpoints

Business Process:

  • Machine Learning
  • Precomputation
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Software Entropy

Complexity Hiding:

  • Microservices
  • Privacy by Design
  • Service Architecture
  • Software Quality


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