Data Science

Blue Clarity helps you understand your customers and business operations through data science.

Data Science combines data analysis, data conditioning, statistics, algorithms, databases, visualization, and machine learning to gain insights. Blue Clarity assists organization leaders in extracting business intelligence using current and yet-to-be collected data through the development of Artificial Intelligence use cases and data-driven strategies.

We can help you identify the best approaches, platforms, processes, and trainings to help you adopt data-driven decision-making practices. When needed, we will help you identify infrastructure changes to accommodate big data ingestion and extract/transform/load (ETL).

Our integrative approach looks holistically at your organization’s mission and components to define scalable strategic operations. Our data scientists and consultants work with you to identify, streamline, and develop a roadmap for using data to help you reach your most valuable business priorities.

How We Do It

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Blue Clarity’s Data Scientists provide custom development of data intelligence tools, custom dashboards, data set aggregation, predictive analytics, and enterprise-level governance while ensuring data integrity, confidentiality and accessibility. Our team creates tools that significantly impact businesses workflows and the understanding of critical trends in the data; allowing organizations to set goals and strategies that improve analytic models, insight into the data and efficiency in extracting use case results.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Software Development

Blue Clarity customizes software solutions and recommends Big Data and High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms to provide high speed execution on AI and ML frameworks. We are skilled in database support, data management, data processing, containerized execution, micro-services, and API implementation for neural network based systems. Our subject matter experts design processes that are iterative, creative, detailed, yet prompt. We work with you to capture and implement your vision in a manner that ensures desired outcomes are achieved.

Data Engineering and Architecture Development

Blue Clarity data engineers specialize in developing on-premises, hybrid, and cloud architectures for data ingestion and ETL in support modern compute systems that leveraging GPU, Artificial Intelligence and Service Oriented Architecture Frameworks. From DevOps to MLOps, our team provides management of your organization’s information assets, real-time compliance and security monitoring using automated techniques. We give recommendations on the design and set up of best-of-breed data warehouse, lake, storage, and compute architectures.

Blue Clarity CORE Data Science Consulting Capabilities:

  • Data Science and Predictive Analytics
  • Data Engineering and Architecture
  • Artificial Intelligence Technical Advisory
  • Data Centric Business Operations
  • Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
  • AI and ML Strategic Planning and Development
  • Data Science Strategy Development
  • Data Analytics Automation

Our Data Science Services Help Your Organization:

  • Identify Critical problems and Opportunities
  • Collect and Analyze Data to help you see the Big Picture
  • Perform In-depth Analyses to facilitate informed decision-making
  • Provide Data Visualization in support Stakeholders
  • Reduce the time to deliver innovation to baseline operations
  • Utilize end-to-end Machine Learning Infrastructure
  • Implement Best of Breed Artificial Intelligence Systems


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