Co-Innovation for Competitiveness

Co-Innovation allows a partnership to own the problem, contribute resources, and buy-in to the outcome. Innovation begins with gaining critical insight about your organization’s ecosystem and its effect on your products and services.

Learn more about how to co-innovate using our services below.

Innovation Mainstreaming

Fostering a culture of innovation is hard. It involves changes in processes, technology, behaviors and decision-making. Blue Clarity helps organizations identify how to make better innovation investments faster with bigger impact.

Product and Service Design
Problem Curation
Go-to-Market in the Federal Government
Agile Acquisition
Technology Futures Assessment
Tech Transition Analysis
Innovation for Risk-Sharing and Cost-Sharing
Cross-pollination Team Building

Innovation for Social Impact

Blue Clarity works with government and non-profit clients to leverage technology to improve lives around the world. We bring experience from countries across the globe, as well as the international development, foreign policy, private business, and non-profit sectors. We believe the greatest innovation occurs when people believe in change. Recent projects include:

Combating Human Trafficking
Gender Equity
Gender-Based Violence Assessments
Agriculture and Resilience (Food Security)
First Responder Infrastructure


Hackathons, Business Case, & Other Competitions

Blue Clarity brings together passionate developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to create innovative approaches to complex problems. Our innovation management services foster a culture of collaboration across industries, academia, and government to learn in a truly unique playground. Let us help you plan your hackathon or innovation challenge.

Our #ExpeditionHacks hackathon series uses data and technology to inspire people to make a social impact.

#ExpeditionHacks is our full-service hackathon and challenge management service for both in-person and virtual hackathons. We will work with you to design your event based on your specific goals. More information about previous and upcoming events can be found at

Event registration
Connections with data and data service providers
Soliciting sponsorships
Judging management platform
Venue sourcing
Virtual platform coordination and management
Event marketing
Participant recruitment

Innovation Training

Blue Clarity’s tailored Innovation Training Services help your staff gain new skills and fresh insights that can be applied immediately.

Design-Thinking Workshops
Lean Startup Training
Service Design (technical and non-technical)
Release Design and Planning
Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Certifications
Technology Adoption Workshop


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