Business and Technology Strategy

When implementing technology there is a constant struggle to balance cost, schedule, performance, and quality. Blue Clarity is well versed in IT project management best practices and minimizing risk while obtaining desired results.

We use empathy-driven design and data-driven rigor in developing world-class customer experiences. We help you make strategic investments in critical user research before the design and development stages in order to yield higher user satisfaction in the end.

Customer Engagement and UX

Blue Clarity designs the customer experience with data-derived insights from quantitative and qualitative data collection. We help you understand how and why your customers engage with you and guide you in disseminating these critical customer insights to the people in your organization that need to know.

As a result, customers experience a higher level of satisfaction and organizations experience a higher level of employee satisfaction as they take pride in building a better experience for their customers.

Core components of our work include–

– Voice of the Customer Enhancement
– User Experience Analysis and Design
– User and Stakeholder Interviews
– Data Analytics and Web Analytics
– Customer Experience Journey Mapping
– Usability Testing
– Visual Design
– Interaction Design
– Functional Prototyping
– Card Sorting

Data Science

Blue Clarity helps you understand your customers and business operations through data science combining data analysis, data conditioning, statistics, algorithms, databases, visualization, and machine learning to gain insights. We assists organization leaders in extracting business intelligence using current and yet-to-be collected data through the development of Artificial Intelligence use cases and data-driven strategies.

We can help you identify the best approaches, platforms, processes, and trainings to adopt data-driven decision-making practices. When needed, we help you identify infrastructure changes to accommodate big data ingestion and extract/transform/load (ETL).

Our integrative approach looks holistically at your organization’s mission and components to define scalable strategic operations. We work with you to develop a roadmap for using data to reach your most valuable business priorities.

– Data Science and Predictive Analytics
– Data Engineering and Architecture
– Artificial Intelligence Technical Advisory
– Data Centric Business Operations
– Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
– AI and ML Strategic Planning and Development
– Data Science Strategy Development
– Data Analytics Automation


Consulting services have interconnected disciplines, each affecting the outcome of the organization’s mission. We assist with decision making amid incomplete or inaccurate information.

Enterprise Content Strategy
– Digital Strategy
– Go-to-Market Strategy
– Agriculture and Resilience
– Conflict and Crisis Analysis
– Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Implementation
– Sourcing Strategy

International Development

Blue Clarity works with government and non-profit clients to improve the lives of men, women, boys, and girls around the world. We bring experience from countries across the globe, as well as the international development, foreign policy, private business, and non-profit sectors.

Gender Mainstreaming, Gender-Based Violence Assessments, and Gender Strategy


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